Reformas na Casa

I`m going to be away in the UK for most of November, so I thought that it would be a good homecoming for me to return to a spick and span house.

Built in the 1960` I think, it has suffered from a period of neglect and I am gradually improving, repairing and re-decorating.

Security is a major issue, since one of the property boundaries is a river, which is beautiful, but due to Brazilian laws that allow public access to areas of natural beauty, it attracts “visitors”.

Some of them are welcome, and others have little interest in “Natureza” but plenty of interest in burglary.

Everyone has dogs here, and many lead a poor life, tethered in order to provide a deterent and an early warning system. Part of my improvements involves a new enclosure at the rear of the house where it is next to the river and most vulnerable, since it is screened from the road by the house.

I enclose some photos of work in progress.

IMG_8322e pub

IMG_8323e pub


Flower beds get overgrown quickly in a tropical climate that encourages everything to grow at incredible rates.
I now have a neighbour who is helping me to keep control. Again a few photos prior to planting.




Inside I have re-decorated almost all of the house now, but the central hall was left, mainly because it was such a difficult job and involved taking out lots ofpictures and furniture.

I finally bit the bullit and did a very plain scheme in white and gold in order to show off the furniture and artifacts.

Again I have a few photos to give you an idea of my work and the environment that I live in.

IMG_8336ec pub



IMG_8338ec pub



Christina’s Valley

Christina's Valley

I got as far as my friend Christina’s house on my first visit here, hence the title, then came again when my friend Carol was here, and got a bit further. Now with my new trail bike I got to the end of the trail, but the sun beat me back!

Braco do Meio

Went up into the mountains on my trail bike to find what was at the end of the road signposted to Braco do Meio and found this little church amid a sea of banana plantations. On a clear day I was told that you can see for a long way, but as the rain started to come on I was lucky to escape the mist!Image