Praia Brasileira

I `m lucky enough to have spent time on beaches all over the world, and of course each culture has it`s own twist on beach etiqette and beach dos and don`ts.

Here in Brazil we are pretty relaxed about almost everything, but if you, like me, enjoy admiring the ladies, just be a bit careful about upsetting their other half, because Brazilians have firy tempers and are notoriously jealous about guarding their woman!

I spent a beautiful day yesterday on Peruible beach where Spring weather had already arived. I hope that you enjoy the photos I took….all of which were with the subject`s permission I must add!

Welcome to Brazilian Beach Lifestyle!











Carnival !!!

download carnival

Carnival starts today in my usually sleepy little town of Pedro De Toledo.

Streets are cordoned off to allow construction of a music stage and streets are decorated with banners, masks and lights.

It all begins around 10-30 pm with live music and people dancing in the street until around 05-30 am !

Not much sleeping going on until Wednesday next week!

I wonder if I will be brave;foolhardy enough to go and join in?