When to come here to the South East of Brazil

When to come here to the South East of Brazil
This section is important for two reasons.
Firstly the climate:-
A very dear friend of mine recently decided to visit and arrived in January with a view to escape the worst of the British winter and return in March. Unfortunately she found the climate to be too much for her at that time of year and had to return home earlier than planned.
Obviously we have our seasons reversed to those of the northern hemisphere, but for those who are accustomed to taking their holidays in the Mediterranean area or somewhere that enjoys a ‘summer’ climate similar to their own, but just that much hotter, a tropical summer climate may come as something of a shock.
It’s not just that temperatures are high, often remaining within the 30s centigrade and only unusually getting up into the 40s, but it is the combination of high temperatures with high humidity and a lack of air-conditioning in all but the most salubrious establishments, that takes its toll.
This means that the ‘real feel’ temperature can be well up into the 40s centigrade and for those groups at risk, (Young children, the elderly and those with chronic illness such as asthma.), it can become dangerously hot with a very real risk of heat exhaustion or worse.
Combine with this the high levels of pollen and other allergens such as mould spores, and the summer climate can be most unsuitable for those prone to allergic reaction.
Peak temperatures and humidity levels occur from mid December to the end of February.
This is also the rainy season with many thunderstorms which can cause flash-flooding.
March and April are still hot but more comfortable and the sea is still warm!
June, July, August and September can be quite chilly with cold damp weather fronts coming up from Argentina but it is often dry and sunny and there are far fewer insects!
October brings warmer temperatures and Spring blossom!
November is often disappointingly cool for Brazilians but pleasant for visitors.
So, take your pick and come when it suits you best!
Secondly the cost of air travel and accommodation:-
The price of an economy class ticket more than doubles from October to a peak just after New Year and falling back to normal in February, before climbing again in June July and August and falling again in September to a low in October and November.
Peculiarly, I think, air-travel prices are attractively low in February and March, which coincides with the dates for Carnival. Be aware however, that as everything except festivities grind to a halt during Carnival, that you get to your destination in good time to put your feet up before the party starts!
Fluctuation of prices for accommodation will almost exactly mirror that for air-travel, except that they will match Christmas and New Year rates during Carnival, and will also rise during Public Holidays of which there are many in Brazil. It is wise to consider pre-booking at least some accommodation using the internet, where discounts may also be obtained.

© 2013 Alastair Kinghorn


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