Home for me is here in Pedro de Toledo, a sleepy little town in the Ribeira valley down here in the Littoral Paulista in south eastern Brazil. I will post a map just as soon as I can learn how to do that!
I chose to live here because it is central to the Jureia, an area of exceptional natural beauty and bio-diversity, which is protected by UNESCO because it is considered to be among the most important wild places on the planet.
As I build this site I will add more information about the wildlife here and how ecologists are working to ensure its’ future.
To begin with I am adding content of a more general nature, and gathering information, images and feed-back with a view to stimulate interest and to encourage more foreign visitors here.
The local economy could certainly do with a boost as traditional agriculture is no longer in demand, so in order to do what I can to help, I am providing information on what must be one of the best kept secrets in Brazil and sending you my invitation to all of you to come right on down as my American friends would say!


10 thoughts on “Home

    • Hi Larry! I like Peruibe and visit a lot, mainly for the beach, the fish market and the shopping and it is a well planned town with a pleasant central area.

      Living there is another story. It is mobbed with rude and noisy Paulistos in the summer when queues are long and traffic is bad. In the winter it is a ghost town and the weather can be quite depressing when cold fronts roll up from the south.

      Houses tend to be behind high walls with lots of security. I felt like I was in a lux jail!

      I am a ‘Matto’ man and love the Jureia, that is why I moved.

      Best wishes….Alastair


      • Yes, I understand your plight. Most all beach towns suffer the same constant uncivil barrage of city folk on weekends, holidays etc. I thought perhaps Peruibe was far enough to avoid that. I guess not..that’s unfortunate. I have tried to live in Martin de sa and the disturbances were breathtaking, putting it politely.. Thought I’d share – surprisingly, I’ve ended up in Barra da Tijuca area in Rio quite frequently and it has a very well laid out city, with a beautiful surrounding forest which is jaw dropping for walks, etc, also surrounded by a verbose ocean front.
        But, alas, my journey to find a safe, rural area continues. Spending most time in Sao Paulo is fine, but sometimes overwhelming and ‘jail-like’ after dark.

        Best regards,



  1. Please keep the secret secret.. Brazil’s nature is being totally destroyed in name of ‘progress’ and to make us just like USA and Europe


    • That way you will also keep the destruction secret that is going on every day. I know because I live here and I know that there are far to few resources avaialable to monitor and police the Jureia. The only way you can prevent ‘progress’ destroying the environment is to involve more people who care about it.

      PS. some of the best preserved areas of wilderness are in USA and Europe. Brazil needs to learn from that and not only look inward.

      Best wishes and thank you for your constructive comment!


      • Well, consider it mostly a rant by myself..

        I’m really frustrated from what is happening and I know it is too late. I know US and Europe are more advanced on protection areas, but that came just after most of nature was destroyed.

        Not too long ago (70’s and 80’s) Brasil itself was nature, not just some small areas. As close as 15 years ago the northeastern coast was mostly virgin, now you go there and it is just Spanish and Portuguese condos and hotels.

        The only ones who really know how to respect nature are the native people (our ‘indios’), and I mean the ones deep in the Amazon forest, not the ones contaminated by white man greed.


  2. Hi Alastair,
    I am the brazilian boy that has just appeared in one of your photos. This blog is amazing, it has so many texts about Peruibe. I think that this blog is important for foreign people to know more of Brazil.
    Brazil is not only Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has beaches, native areas and more… I am only 12 years old, but i wish a good luck to you in this blog! I’m now in the city of São Paulo, in my house. My vacations are always in Peruibe, but now my family had to come back.
    See you soon, Breno


    • Hi Breno, thank you very much for posing yesterday and for your kind comments. Maybe we will meet up at the beach when you have another holiday. Please keep in touch. My facebook is Alastair James Kinghorn
      Regards to you


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