ArcSoft_Image20Ex pat originally from Scotland now living in rural south eastern Brazil close to the city of Sao Paulo.

I have led a variety of lives since leaving school at the tender age of seventeen. Firstly in the merchant navy I spent six years travelling the world before eventually deciding that I preferred the time spent in port rather than watching a lot of water. Then tried my hand doing a series of jobs in London as;- Mini Cab driver, Fashion allocator, Warehouse manager, Meat factory worker, before entering the School of Architecture in Walthamstow, (now East London University), for a seven year study course which I enjoyed immensely.
Got married for the first time but divorced two years later. Spent holiday periods afloat, back in the merchant navy, to earn a few pounds and later as assistant to one of the course tutors with a private practice in Dartmouth Park Hill, before branching out with some experience under my belt, working free-lance in a series of placements with architects and surveyors. Met my second wife, and mother of my three children towards the end of the course when we went north to the Scottish Highlands to live for the next six years. Worked there as an architect designing mainly residential schemes, and as skipper of a pollution control vessel on the Moray Firth. Opened a shop selling stationary and art supplies. Started an arts group with annual exhibition held in Tain. Became a member of the Community Council and ran as candidate for Councillor, before returning south to London in ’86 due to recession in the Highlands. Worked in commercial architects practices in London during the ‘Yuppie’ years, designing mainly industrial, and commercial schemes before yet another recession hit the construction industry. Enterred Local Government as an Estate Surveyor for Westminster City Council, then as Technical Manager for Camden and finally Repair Centre Manager for Greenwich. Married my Brazilian third wife in 2001. Took early retirement in 2006 and emigrated with her to Brazil.

So…why am I creating this blog?

I live in a part of Brazil that only very few foreigners know about, but is only two hours away from Sao Paulo and is one of the most popular destinations for Brazilians seeking, a weekend away from the city, or a beach holiday or to explore the wilderness of the Jureia mountains. My aim is to make this area more accessible to people living abroad and in doing so to encourage local businesses to attract foreign visitors here. If you do make the trip you will be visiting an The area is already acknowledged by UNESCO as being of prime importance globally, because it contains a very large number of animal and plant species that are at risk of extinction. Internationally, outside of the scientific community however, the area remains largely unknown. Most visitors to the Brazilian jungle will automatically think of the Amazon, which is ok if you have the time and the funds to go there, and don’t get malaria! Here we are very accessible and very affordable too! I will add pages and links as I find time to do so and as you, my readers, ask me to! Meanwhile have a look at my contributions so far, here on my WordPress blog at alastairsbrazilianblog, and .on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/alastairsbrazilianblog

Thank you and until later !!!………. Muito obrigado e ate logo!!!


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