Only You

When darkness descends, and the grey grim days never seem to end.
As pain turns to despair, as hope is replaced with fear.
Words offered as advice, never suffice.
No one knows.
Only you.

Only you.
Within your hell.
Suffering violence, maintaining silence.
The agony, and the pleasure, begin to join together.
As the madness takes its grip, as you fall and your hold on reality slips.

There is no awakening, no final day of reckoning, no peace beckoning.
Time loses its relevance, space cannot measure distance.
Nothing has a name, everything the same.
Let nothing in.
Only you.

Only you.
A soul dissected.
Torn by torment, shredded by dissent.
Polluted by lack of affection, laced with mistrust and rejection.
Fighting devils that live in your brain that cut and stab you, all the same.

No sunny day dawns, and you are free, the other side remains within me.
Just one moment when I understood, the side of me that is good.
The mirror held my gaze, knew my ways.
In your reflection.
Only you.

Only you.
Can make amends.
Bearing the scars, fought in the wars.
Surviving against all odds, without any help, not even Gods.
Until you regain your existence, with nothing other than your persistence.

Only you.

For all who know depression.

© 2015 Alastair Kinghorn

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