1st Anniversary:- alastairsbrazilianblog


If you wonder what has motivated me to write this piece, or indeed to blog at all, it is because of you. It is all your fault.

Fault, because there is something inherently wrong about writing down one’s own thoughts. It is a form of self gratification, and maybe even narcissistic.

Your fault, because I see myself through you, my readers.
You act as a mirror. You reflect my thoughts by reading them, or by ignoring them.

Sometimes you comment on what I have written or photographed. Occasionally you do not like what you see, but most of you are encouraging and some of you are plainly delightful.

So it is because of you that I blog, or should I say, continue to blog.

On 29th July 2013 I decided to publicise what life here in the Jureia was like, in an attempt to initiate more interest in the area.

A year later my posts have been visited around 5000 times by people from a multitude of countries around the world.

Most of my stuff is about places that I have photographed, or that I have written about, or about people that live here.

I write short essays about our lifestyles, which are also published in the Gringoes website newsletter, and I also post them in Facebook groups that I participate in.

I have attempted to write some short tourist guides for those of you who may wish to visit this beautiful part of Brazil, and I intend to expand on this as time and resources allow.

When the subject or the occasion is too complicated, or too personal for ordinary prose, I turn to poetry in an attempt to describe my subjects.

Initially I included posts copied from the web that I thought were relevant.
On reflection, I decided to desist from this practice, since I became aware that it was my more personal posts that attracted interest from you.

Some of my posts have been “tried out” on Facebook first, and I spend a great deal of time using social media in order to harvest new ideas, opinions and feed-back, in order to improve the quality of my blogging.

For those of you who have commented or “liked” my posts, goes a special thank you, but to all of you who have visited my blog, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation.

If alastairsbrazilianblog is still here this time next year, it will be down to you.
If not……que sera sera!

© 2014 Alastair Kinghorn


2 thoughts on “1st Anniversary:- alastairsbrazilianblog

    • I hope it still gets folk interested Bernie. Any comments positive or otherwise are very welcome! Alastair


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