Paraty pics

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Paraty continued

Wonderful evening spent last night with my girlfriend and her daughter. Paraty has so much to offer that we were spoiled for choice of which restaurant to have dinner.

There are many shops open until late selling everything from souvenirs to meat!

Live music can be heard in every street corner and you feel safe and secure among so many fellow visitors.

More to come later. 

Pouco Passeio

I’m off up north for a trip to Paraty in Rio De Janeiro this weekend and hopefully I will come back with stories to tell and photos to show.

The one below is from the internet, just to let you have some idea about what the attraction is at Paraty.







For all you snake lovers out there, and I know that there are many, at least on the internet! LOL!

Caninana is one of the most beautiful Brazilian snakes, one of the larger species, and one of the more aggressive by nature, but heave a sigh of relief, because it is not poisonous .

Wikipedia says that it can grow to a length of 2.7 metres or 8.9 feet long, but this one that I saw the other day was a youth of only 5 feet long.


However, despite what the internet says, I have seen one that was at least 5 metres long, and as thick as my arm with a head bigger than my fist!

I never harm this type of snake, not only because it is so beautiful, or because it’s bite is not poisonous, but because they prey on other snakes that are poisonous and very dangerous, so Caninanas are friends!

They will bite and even chase you, if provoked, but I only treat them with the respect that they deserve.