Aula de Inglese

Quite unexpectedly I became an english teacher yesterday!

It came about after I had seen a new advertising placard with a big Union Jack in my little town of Pedro de Toledo.

It was advertising english classes and purely out of curiosity I went to have a look inside. A nice young woman politely asked me how she could help and I explained that english was my first language and wondered whether anybody might be interested in conversation.

Her eyes lit up and she persuaded me towait ten minutes until the teacher had finished his class. When he came out he launched straight into english with a broad Portuguese accent, saying ‘Good afternoon, how are you?’

We went for a long chat and he explained that he was over run with work and needed help badly.

So I offered to join him last night teaching a group of school-children, as an assistant and to observe his teaching methods.

Life has a way of turning up the unexpected!

Now I am off to assist teaching a group of adults and I will let you know how it goes later on!



3 thoughts on “Aula de Inglese

  1. Hello Alastair,

    I’m British, have been living in Sao Paulo for a number of years and give private English lessons. For more details there is a kind of skeleton page on my website at

    Is your teaching activity at the “school” you found bearing fruit? Please let me know as I might be interested in giving lessons in your little town – say, one day a week….


    Simon Parr

    011 – 3313 4308


    • Hi Simon and thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately my teaching has not continued owing to a lack of investment from the college owner who seems to be only interested in something for free. I am hopeful that the situation will change, but not terribly optimistic right now.
      Best wishes to you.


      • Hi Alastair,
        Thanks for your reply. Regrettable that the chap may have built up your hopes in some way. Is it just children who go to the place or perhaps he runs a franchise? The crux of question is how motivated (to study English) the pupils are themselves. If a couple of them are, one might try hanging around outside the place at strategic times and waylaying good prospects, offering them private classes! (just talking to them in English could do the trick). Mr “Good Afternoon how are you” presumably has poor command of the language.
        I visited Miracatu briefly a few years ago and feel I might enjoy an expedition to Pedro de T. If you have a suggestion, I could bring you a bottle of Tullamore Dew to help expand upon it.




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