Não é verdade que meu blog foi deletado!

Now Thursday so I have just had three days of crisis because my blog disappeared and where it should have been there was a message saying that it was no longer available because the authors had deleted it!

I have spent day after day trying to restore it and to discover what happened.

Today I got this message from WordPress:-

'Hi there Alastair,

> My blog has been deleted by an unauthorised person. I do not know 
> how. I was on it yesterday and now it has gone with a message saying that I 
deleted it. 
> Not so, it was a huge part of my life and if at all possible I want it back! 
Can you 
> please help?

It looks like our system had accidentally created two identical blogs for you so 
we removed one of the duplicates. But no worries! Your original site is still up 
and running at alastairsbrazilianblog.wordpress.com and you can access the 
Dashboard here:


If you're still seeing a message that the site was deleted, sign out of your 
WordPress.com account, empty the cache of your web browser, then click the link 

When you sign back in you should be all set :)

Give that a try and let me know how it goes!


David W. | Happiness Engineer | WordPress.com'

I suppose that I should be grateful after all of the work that I have put into it, but after all of my heartache I think I at least 
deserve an apology.

What do you think?

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