Have been thinking about what to write about as an article to post next on this blog, and wonder if you, my readers, would like to decide?

Option 1 – A humurous reflection on Brazilian modesty, dos it exist?

Option 2 – Have you ever waited six months for a parcel to arrive by post? Brazilian postal stories.

Option 3 – Pinga. What is it, what does it taste like, caipirinhas and more.



2 thoughts on “Decisões…Decisões

  1. Alistair

    I dunno. Maybe option number two, although my package, sent from Santa Cruz , California, only took a little more than two months to get here.

    I am also a writer, and I would like to know if you have any tried and true tricks for getting editors to a), open that email, and b) assign a story and, let’s roll the drums here, c) pay.

    I will go ahead and thank you now for letting me ask you these questions.



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