Logged into a friend’s computer this morning and went to open my Blog and was stunned to find this message;- is no longer available.

I was distraught and spent the whole day on-line seeking a solution and trying to understand what happened.

I found that it isn’t easy for people who want to delete their blog on WordPress and it is impossible to do so accidentally since they send you a confirmation e-mail which you then have to reply to before they will issue a deletion.

None of this happened to me, and I was left floundering in on-line forums where I didn’t understand half of what was being said as I am no computer expert by any means. I even tried sending a personal message to the head of WordPress!

On my way home I had someone tugging at my brain telling me to log on again and so I am here in the local internet cafe where I tried to log on again and HEY PRESTO!!!! it is back again!!!

I am so happy, because I have really put my heart and soul into my blog and having followers, comments, support and lots of visits is just something that I can’t begin to explain, but it makes me HAPPY!!







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