1st the DROUGHT 2nd the FLOOD 3rd the ????

Started around 5pm yesterday with a few heavy drops that turned into a deluge by nightfall amid thunder and lightning, which thankfully passed over thus allowing me to watch Tom Hanks in ‘Cast Away’.

Woken up at 4am by a roaring noise that sounded like an express train was passing through my living room.

Went to investigate with high powered torch to see the river had risen over 2 metres and was in full spate at a height that I have never seen before.

Trees carried away, river bank under waves of water 2 metres high and in the morning a landscape totally transformed.

No buses running so had to walk 2km to get a taxi ride for my lunch date…who didn’t show up, but I ate churrasco until it was coming out of my ears and washed down with ice cold Itaipava.

Another day….another dollar.


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