I don’t usually do moans but I decided to make my posts more personal and this is a prime moan, so here goes….

Just before Christmas my house was burgled while I was at the beach, and a number of articles stolen.

I was lucky really, because I had taken my SLR camera with me, they didn’t trash the place, and there were lots of things they could have taken, that they didn’t.

For example my stock of booze for holiday celebrations was intact, and documents including my passport were untouched.

I was also fortunate not to have been assaulted, which is becoming an increasingly common crime here, even in small towns.

The big losses were my laptop, binoculars, a compact camera, my SLR camera lenses, batteries, gadget bag and accessories .

All of these are of course replaceable, except for the data on the PC, but meanwhile I cannot use my camera because the one battery I do have has packed up.

Hence the lack of photos on my blog over the past two months. New batteries are winging their way to me as I write and I will make an effort to get out there snapping as soon as they arrive.

Do you have any particular subjects that you would like to see covered in my next photos shoot?

Meanwhile, I have put up more fences, have three more guard dogs, fitted all windows and doors with double locks and my valuable are now stored in a safe room.

Now I understand a bit more as to why security is such a preoccupation in Brazil, and why so many house look like mini versions of Fort Knox!!!



8 thoughts on “Roubado

  1. Hi there, I´m really sorry for your losses and I wish you good luck replacing them. I am not as brave as you so my my family and I live in a house in a simple and little condominium…but I confess – even here – I don´t feel quite safe 😦
    Anyway, I used to go to Juréia when I was young and when I saw your pictures I really felt like going there again. I must take my husband – who is a foreigner – and my little boy there for their first time. Thank you. 🙂


    • Thanks for your kind comments Carmen….i’ll be ok thanks! Be sure to bring your boy in the winter time when temperatures are at their best and the bugs and snakes are all asleep!


  2. Where in Brazil did this occur if I may ask? I’ve been looking for a location but didn’t see one. I’ve been to other parts of Brazil and haven’t had a problem. From what I hear though, downtown Rio is pretty bad.


    • I live in a sleepy little town in Sao Paulo state near the coast in the Jureia Mts. It’s normally ok until the townies arrive for their hols and pay their expenses at our cost!


  3. I’m sorry to hear about it. We were also burgled at our beach house, but were still inside in the middle of the night. I luckily fought off the intruder, and lost nothing until 3 nights later, they came as a group and that was that. We moved.


    • Sorry to hear that, Ami. Must have been a real scary thing to happen to you. I thought about moving, but I love the area and didn’t want to have my life dictated by others, especially scum-bags.


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