Carnival !!!

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Carnival starts today in my usually sleepy little town of Pedro De Toledo.

Streets are cordoned off to allow construction of a music stage and streets are decorated with banners, masks and lights.

It all begins around 10-30 pm with live music and people dancing in the street until around 05-30 am !

Not much sleeping going on until Wednesday next week!

I wonder if I will be brave;foolhardy enough to go and join in?


Não é verdade que meu blog foi deletado!

Now Thursday so I have just had three days of crisis because my blog disappeared and where it should have been there was a message saying that it was no longer available because the authors had deleted it!

I have spent day after day trying to restore it and to discover what happened.

Today I got this message from WordPress:-

'Hi there Alastair,

> My blog has been deleted by an unauthorised person. I do not know 
> how. I was on it yesterday and now it has gone with a message saying that I 
deleted it. 
> Not so, it was a huge part of my life and if at all possible I want it back! 
Can you 
> please help?

It looks like our system had accidentally created two identical blogs for you so 
we removed one of the duplicates. But no worries! Your original site is still up 
and running at and you can access the 
Dashboard here:


If you're still seeing a message that the site was deleted, sign out of your account, empty the cache of your web browser, then click the link 

When you sign back in you should be all set :)

Give that a try and let me know how it goes!


David W. | Happiness Engineer |'

I suppose that I should be grateful after all of the work that I have put into it, but after all of my heartache I think I at least 
deserve an apology.

What do you think?


Have been thinking about what to write about as an article to post next on this blog, and wonder if you, my readers, would like to decide?

Option 1 – A humurous reflection on Brazilian modesty, dos it exist?

Option 2 – Have you ever waited six months for a parcel to arrive by post? Brazilian postal stories.

Option 3 – Pinga. What is it, what does it taste like, caipirinhas and more.



Logged into a friend’s computer this morning and went to open my Blog and was stunned to find this message;- is no longer available.

I was distraught and spent the whole day on-line seeking a solution and trying to understand what happened.

I found that it isn’t easy for people who want to delete their blog on WordPress and it is impossible to do so accidentally since they send you a confirmation e-mail which you then have to reply to before they will issue a deletion.

None of this happened to me, and I was left floundering in on-line forums where I didn’t understand half of what was being said as I am no computer expert by any means. I even tried sending a personal message to the head of WordPress!

On my way home I had someone tugging at my brain telling me to log on again and so I am here in the local internet cafe where I tried to log on again and HEY PRESTO!!!! it is back again!!!

I am so happy, because I have really put my heart and soul into my blog and having followers, comments, support and lots of visits is just something that I can’t begin to explain, but it makes me HAPPY!!






Fim de semanha

Had a date yesterday with a nice lady.

Lunch was awful, tasteless overcooked fish and expensive too, but riding the bike on dirt roads with a pillion passenger was fun and got back home just in time to avoid the chuva de tarde.

Ended up feeding my six dogs in the middle of a downpour but as I am totally isolated at my house I can do that stark naked if I wish, so I just need to towel off!

This morning early in town making use of my friend Zeca’s office and computer with Banda Larga connection to the internet.
Trying to connect with family back in the UK who all have busy busy lives and my son who is in Costa Rica studying how to save the planet.

Now to the supermarket to buy a bottle of red wine, stock up on gin and then back home to my hammock on the veranda!

The Ghost of Ayrton Senna


There are few other people who can compete with Ayrton Senna for the title of “Most Loved Brazilian Hero” except perhaps for Pele.

Following his death on1 May 1994 in a Formula 1 accident, an estimated three million people flocked to the streets of Senna’s hometown of São Paulo to offer him their salute as his hearse took him to the Legislative Assembly building, where over 200,000 people filed past as his body lay in state.

The day was declared a National Day of mourning, attended by rich and poor alike as his final victory parade took place. Voted the best driver of all time in various motorsport polls, he had been the most successful racing car driver since Fangio and some say the most determined to win at all costs.

At a price that he ultimately paid for with his life.

Since then, more than 30,000 Brazilian motorists have followed in his wake each and every year, as the death toll on Brazilian roads takes it‘s terrible retribution against those who believe that they have inherited his incredible driving skills.

You only have to venture out onto your local “rodovia” for a few kilometers before you will encounter an avid fan. You do not need to search for him, as he will spot you immediately as being ripe for the plucking. Nothing will prevent him from accelerating up behind you at maximum velocity, then swerving at the last micro-second to avoid collision with your rear bumper and tearing past your wing mirror so near that the turbulence will cause you to sheer dangerously close to the verge, and then wrenching his steering wheel, he will occupy the space immediately in front of your front number plate for a few tantalizing seconds before releasing a cloud of hydrocarbons from his exhaust pipe and disappearing off into the haze.
No, he will not be driving a Ferrari, nor will he have a collection of advertising across every square millimeter of bodywork. He is more likely to be driving a Mercedes with a sign on the back of his 20 metre long pantechnicon truck that says “Go with God”.

Needless to say that meeting one of these head on while he practices his favourite maneuver on a blind bend is a sure fire way to obey this slogan.

For those who do not own the right to call themselves a “caminhoneiro”, the minimum time to reach your destination is not the most important goal, as long as there is no one in front of you.

Driving lazily along with one arm hanging out of the window, while chatting to your companion is perfectly acceptable, albeit at a speed that will be in excess of the limit required by the law. Should you appear in front of him however, a ghostly spectre wearing white overalls and face scarf will immediately interrupt his reverie, and with a fleeting smile baring his gleaming white teeth he will spring into Formula 1 action. It matters not if there are double yellow lines, warning signs of dangerous bends, rows of oncoming traffic or simply the engine of a tired old Fusca to contend with, he will never rest until he has passed you by, only to once again return to his former speed, but most importantly of all, right in front in poll position.

© 2014 Alastair Kinghorn

1st the DROUGHT 2nd the FLOOD 3rd the ????

Started around 5pm yesterday with a few heavy drops that turned into a deluge by nightfall amid thunder and lightning, which thankfully passed over thus allowing me to watch Tom Hanks in ‘Cast Away’.

Woken up at 4am by a roaring noise that sounded like an express train was passing through my living room.

Went to investigate with high powered torch to see the river had risen over 2 metres and was in full spate at a height that I have never seen before.

Trees carried away, river bank under waves of water 2 metres high and in the morning a landscape totally transformed.

No buses running so had to walk 2km to get a taxi ride for my lunch date…who didn’t show up, but I ate churrasco until it was coming out of my ears and washed down with ice cold Itaipava.

Another day….another dollar.