BBQ Brazilian style


Best Dressed Brazilian Contest Winner

Best Dressed Brazilian Contest Winner

It’s a hold up!

You gave me your smile

You gave me your smile


You gave me your smile, it had no design.

Alegria is natural to you, I lost mine years ago

When I was a child I too was care-free

I was taught to be afraid of what might be

And so my smile became a message to be sent

Laden with intent to provoke a reply

Not given freely like yours


You look at me with eyes that have no guilt

Curiosidade is natural to you, mine has purpose.

When I was young I was taught not to stare

I had to hide my instincts and pretend not to care

My life became a list of things to do be done

If I were to succeed in being a man

Not enough to just be born


You talk to me about things that make us laugh

Ridiculo is a blessing in you, mine is a weapon.

I learned that laughter made people small

It became a joke to tell and sometimes not at all

Serious people do not often play

For fun is just for children and folk who do not care

Not for me, I didn’t dare


 You are free to be who you will

Vida for you is how you are , mine is a plan.

The here and now for me have long since gone

Replaced with tasks and prizes to be won

All to gather things around me

For a life built to secure a future happiness

That is more than yours, or less?


I smile at you as if I had no pain

I wish that I could be young again

I wish that I could be just like you

And walk together through and through

For life is brief and not to be wasted

It should be lived today, not kept in store

Until there is no more